About the Original

The what…

Irishology, the book is a light-hearted list of reasons to feel good about our little country.

From Junior C Football to TCP, Wet Rain to Blessing the car the book is a witty, irreverent and nostalgic guide to things you’ll only see, hear, taste, experience and remember in Ireland. Irishology also provides sound guidance on Irish rites of passage like Cemetery Sundays and Sports Days, and tips for surviving social situations like an Irish Wedding or your first Wake. For anyone who has ever flashed their lights when there’s a speed van ahead, has had a candle lit for them to help with their driving test, goes ‘out-out’ at the weekend, or still remembers the rules of Tip the Can and the taste of HB Ice-Pops, this book is for you.

The why…

Having watched family and friends emigrate and faced with headlines laden down with cutbacks and crises, I decided to list some of the reasons why Ireland isn’t all that bad. I mean while we may be a nation of messers and begrudgers, we’ll always have a soft spot for our land of sunny spells and scattered showers. Who else but the Irish can perform minor miracles with a prayer to St Anthony? Or truly appreciate the medicinal purposes of flat 7Up? Not to mention the front room, chipper chips and the ‘bad pint’.

The how…

Fuelled by memories of what I missed when I lived overseas, I posted a blog entry for each and every morning of the year on 365ReasonsToLoveIreland.blogspot.ie. Almost 100,000 hits later, the blog has become my first book, Irishology. Hurray!

Since then a second book came along about a selection of those places in Ireland that are worth visiting, entries for every county in Ireland in Irishography – Connemara, Croagh Patrick, Coppers and Everywhere Else We Love Ireland and then by one more to complete the trilogy, on what we say on this fair isle, “Irishisms – Blather, Blarney, Blessings & Everything Else We Say in Ireland”.

The who…

I am a secondary-school English teacher whose writing appears to be thankfully a lot better than my spelling. When not trying to get students to stand on their desks to look at the world in a different light, I am trying to get them off the tables to take down their homework.

During my free-time I like to write, run, hang around in departure lounges and cook a mean curry (not always at the same time). After travelling the seven seas it came as no surprise then that I met Frances, the love of my life, in a local pub. Marrying under a glorious overcast Irish July day we live in Trim with our beautiful baby girl and boy.

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