Where can I buy the books?

All the books are now available all over the gaff in all good book-shops and as an eBook. When stocked on a shelve together they look like an alternative traffic-light.

What if I live overseas?

Irishology, Irishography & Irishisms will also be available through your usual on-line booksellers such as Amazon, Book Depository, etc. (The “etc” standing for other on-line sellers that I don’t know the name of). If that doesn’t work then tell someone to bring it out with them when they come and visit you in Sydney. As some of the books contain only written references to Irish pork products it should safely get through Australian customs.

What next?

What next was that I didn’t update the what next section in the FAQ for two years because I was busy writing more books and learning how to become a Dad. But now that I have the trilogy finished I am going to retire (into a dark room for 10 minutes where my kids can’t find me and sleep a little – DAD! WAKE UP!)

I didn’t buy the first two books. Will I understand what is happening if I just buy Irishisms?

Thankfully yes. Though all books are Irish related they are not a story and by buying the last book it won’t ruin the ending. Still I’d buy the set just to be on safe side.

I bought 5 copies each of Irishology, Irishography & Irishisms and gave them to my friends who all loved them! Can I buy more?

Good question and I am glad you asked this. Yes, you can buy more. Thankfully unlike vegetable oil or paracetamol there are no limits to the amount of Irishology books you can buy.

Are you still writing these questions yourself Ronan?

Er… yes.