Where can I buy the book?

The book will be available in Ireland from the 16th October nation-wide in all good book-shops and as an eBook.

What if I live overseas?

Irishology will also be available through your usual on-line booksellers such as Amazon, Book Depository, etc. (The “etc” standing for other on-line sellers that I don’t know the name of). If that doesn’t work then tell someone to bring it out with them when they come and visit you in Sydney. As the book contains only written references to Irish pork products it should safely get through Australian customs.

What next?

Well at the moment I have my hands full with a beautiful new-born baby but between nappy changes I am in discussions with Gill & Macmillan about producing a follow-up book that will be more than simply changing the colour, putting it in paper-back and re-launching it next Christmas. (That said we may also do this!) Keep following the website for further news.

I like the book but I also like mugs. What can I do?

Hopefully over the coming months, through the Irishology website and our “Shop” section, you will be able to buy a selection of very high-end (not tacky) merchandise that should include mugs.

I bought 10 copies of Irishology and gave them to my friends who all loved them! Can I buy more?

Good question and I am glad you asked this. Yes, you can buy more. Thankfully unlike vegetable oil or paracetamol there are no limits to the amount of Irishology books you can buy.

Did you write these questions yourself Ronan?

Er… yes.