Getting Angry

Getting Angry

You missed the Dublin launch last night. It’s Tuesday and last weekend was 2 days away and we are not even half way through this week. And you’ve ran out of milk. Yes, we’ve all been there.

Thankfully the local launch in Trim is this Thursday. You did feck all last weekend. And you don’t need cornflakes with milk every night.

Still, if you want to get angry, here are some phrases to help.


Getting angry

While we Irish might like to think of ourselves as being a laid-back bunch of people (at least that’s how we describe ourselves when dating online), there are occasions where we just get angry. Here are a number of ways this can happen in ascending order of angriness.

Raging: Not as angry as you might think. How someone feels if they come back from the jacks and realise that Ryan Gosling had stopped by while they were in the queue. ‘They’re raging they missed it’.

Bulling: When something has unfairly gone against someone, like a free kick, a job interview or a court case. In such situations, little sense can be talked into them until they’ve calmed down.

Pure thick: Kind of the same as ‘bulling’ but generally what has gone against them was the correct decision, but Jaysus don’t tell them that!

Effin’ and blindin’: The upset is still raw and the person is in the midst of processing the pain and anger by articulating it through the use of some awful profanities. Give them another couple of minutes.

Shouting and roaring: Sometimes called ‘still shouting and roaring’, this is the second stage of anger following effin’ and blindin’ where they have moved on from cursing to just yelling at the top of their voices. If you are dealing with someone like this then I’d suggest that they might need more than just a few minutes to calm down.

Lose the rag: What you might observe with those teachers who tend to be quite mild-mannered until a student doesn’t have their homework done for the fifth consecutive day.

Fit to be tied: When a person discovers that someone, like a work colleague, has been getting an advantage over them such as bonuses, shorter shifts or their own parking space. And what is more, they’ve been getting this perk for nearly a year now!

Go ballistic: The reaction of someone when you accidentally let slip that you saw their boyfriend talking to yer wan late last night.

Go bananas: This one is similar to going ballistic except you don’t know what it is that set the person off and caused them to start trashing the place.

Lose the head: No point even entertaining the idea of talking to this person. Remember how your junior manager reacted in last year’s county final when five minutes from time, four points down, he saw his full-forward being sent off for retaliation? That’s how someone loses the head.

Lose the plot: This is dangerous territory wherein the person is not only very emotional, out of control and screaming, they also have one of the legs of the kitchen table in their hand and are using it to smash up the condiments!