Have you been to the Doagh Holestone?

Have you been to the Doagh Holestone?

bbc-ulsterWell have you?

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks. After starting off back on the couch with Daithí and Maura down on the Today Show it’s been a busy week of radio interviews from Tipp FM and Radio Kerry to Clare FM and the local friends at LMFM.

If there was a highlight it was perhaps the full hour spent in with John Toal up in Belfast. Despite not having my trusty wife and little girl to navigate and thus ending up driving the wrong way up a one way street I made it to the BBC.

The BBC is a real institution. With no adverts but plenty of tea and custard creams in the green room the place oozes class. And I wasn’t let down by the programme having a great chat with John Toal along with a few other guests. And if that wasn’t enjoyable, we also got coconut cake and carmelised pineapple and Carte D’Or ice-cream. As I said, class, pure class.

To listen to the podcast press here.

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